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Amazon Labor Board Settlement is ‘Crucial’ for Union Organizing

A sweeping settlement between Amazon.com Inc. and the federal labor board could give unions their best chance yet to establish a beachhead in efforts to organize workers at the nation’s largest e-commerce company. In the agreement, made public Dec. 23, Amazon promised to give workers more leeway to conduct union activity inside warehouses, and it pledged to inform current and former employees of their labor rights through a direct email—an extraordinary step that could reach more than 1 million workers.

Lockstep Pay on Its Last Limbs After Cravath’s ‘Historic’ Move

An industry that once attributed many of its best qualities to its dedication to pay partners based on seniority is down to just two strict adherents to the so-called “lockstep” compensation system after Cravath, Swaine & Moore adjusted its model on Monday to fend off poaching. While firms keep compensation information close to the vest, Wachtell, Lipton Rosen & Katz and Debevoise & Plimpton are believed to be the two last-standing U.S. firms paying partners strictly based on their tenure.

Courts block two Biden administration COVID vaccine mandates

The Biden administration was blocked on Tuesday from enforcing two mandates requiring millions of American workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19, a key part of its strategy for controlling the spread of the coronavirus. 'There is no question that mandating a vaccine to 10.3 million healthcare workers is something that should be done by Congress, not a government agency', wrote judge Doughty.

3 of America's biggest pharmacy chains have been found liable for the opioid crisis

A federal jury on Tuesday found three of the nation's biggest pharmacy chains, CVS, Walgreens and Walmart, liable for helping to fuel the U.S. opioid crisis — a decision that's expected to have legal repercussions as thousands of similar lawsuits move forward in courts across the country. Jurors concluded that the pharmacies contributed to a so-called public nuisance in Lake and Trumbull counties in Ohio by selling and dispensing huge quantities of prescription pain pills.

Law students report exhaustion, anxiety, food insecurity amid pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many law students struggling to pay their bills and buy food, feeling less connected to their classmates and teachers, and experiencing more anxiety and loneliness. Researchers form the Law School Survey of Student Engagement (LSSSE) collected data from 13,000 law students across the country in the spring of 2021, making it among the first large-scale studies of how law students experienced the pandemic.

Paul Hastings chair says partner hiring game has changed: 'I've never seen it like this'

Vertrekkend bestuursvoorzitter Seth Zachary van het Amerikaans-Britse advocatenkantoor Hastings: ‘I’ve never seen it like this. Long-term partners doing well at really successful firms are seeing a brighter opportunity somewhere else and seizing it. Firms are recruiting people who would have been considered untouchable just 10 years ago.’Lees meer bij Reuters

Cannabis Practices Sprout as Big Law Firms Follow the Money

Notoriously risk-adverse Big Law firms are building cannabis practice groups as a rising number of states legalize recreational and medicinal use, even though the drug remains largely banned under federal law. Cannabis practitioners hail from a variety of specialties, reflecting the range of issues that their clients face. The lawyers have to be flexible in the rapidly changing area as voters and lawmakers act to advance — and sometimes fight — legalization.

Elizabeth Holmes’s Lawyer Pokes at Whistle-Blower, Delicately

A lawyer for Theranos Inc. founder Elizabeth Holmes sought to undercut the testimony of a former employee turned whistle-blower by emphasizing how far down the company hierarchy she was from the boss. But defense attorney Lance Wade had his work cut out for him trying to poke holes in Erika Cheung’s explosive claims that the blood-testing startup deceived patients and regulators with an approach so crude in how it shoved aside basic scientific norms that it jeopardized patient health.

Leaseplan introduceert als eerste Nederlandse bedrijf vaccinatieplicht

Leasemaatschappij Leaseplan wil dat alle personeelsleden weer op kantoor gaan werken, maar zij moeten dan wel gevaccineerd zijn. Controleren doet het bedrijf niet, maar of het juridisch mag is de vraag. Vakbond FNV noemt het verplichten van vaccinatie 'verwerpelijk.' Ook de Nederlandse tak van Netflix heeft besloten alleen werknemers op kantoor toe te laten die gevaccineerd zijn.

Pandemic Spike in Anxiety, Stress Prompts Office-Return Suits

Social worker Dolores Loftus performed her job remotely for six months as Covid-19 surged before her bosses at a Florida school district told her to return to face-to-face contact. Loftus had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety, and agoraphobia—the fear of confined spaces and crowds. She said in-person work would exacerbate her conditions and asked her managers for continued remote work. She sued in a Florida federal court when her request was denied.

Het jachtseizoen op big tech is geopend in VS

Het is moeilijk om onderwerpen te vinden waarover de Democraten en Republikeinen in de VS het eens zijn. Maar dat techgiganten als Amazon, Google en Facebook té gigantisch zijn geworden, is iets waar consensus over bestaat in Washington. De pogingen om de marktkracht van big tech aan banden te leggen, bereikte afgelopen vrijdag een nieuw hoogtepunt met een serie wetten die werden voorgesteld in het Congres.

Volksbank mocht bankrekening ‘Accidental American’ opzeggen, pensioenproducten niet

Hij woont zijn eerste levensjaar in de Verenigde Staten als zoon van een Nederlandse militair en diens vrouw, daarna gaat hij naar Nederland. Als gevolg daarvan heeft hij twee nationaliteiten, en is hij ook belastingplichtig in de VS. Daarvoor moet hij beschikken over een US Tax Payer Identification Number (TIN), een nummer dat hij op grond van een verdrag tussen Nederland en de VS ook nodig heeft bij het aanvragen van een Nederlandse bankrekening. Daar gaat het mis.

Van stemlokaal naar rechtszaal: ‘We’re going in with our lawyers’

Trump versus Biden: toch nog een nek-aan-nek race, die – naar zoals het er nu uitziet – zal uitmonden in een juridische strijd. De Financial Times meldt dat er in de Verenigde Staten nog nooit zoveel is geprocedeerd over de verkiezingen. De procedures zitten er nog niet op: beide kandidaten hebben hun legers met advocaten al klaar staan. Wie komen er in de media voorbij als potentiële juridische hoofdrolspelers?